Are you aware?

9 states have upcoming license renewals in June

Are you aware?

15 states have added 18 products to their controlled substances list since January 2024

Are you aware?

DEA had a requirement for Import Quotas that was due on April 1

Are you aware?
Are you aware?

In 2024, several states have passed drug takeback programs, new 340B requirements, and more

LighthouseAI™ Intelligence

LighthouseAI Intelligence performs accurate and detailed licensing assessments across all state and federal jurisdictions, identifying requirements specific to your facility, then automates regulatory surveillance for ongoing protection.


Helping Clients Automate Compliance Objectives

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Watch How LighthouseAI Intelligence Works

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Accurate and Ongoing Compliance Protection

Automated Knowledge

LighthouseAI Intelligence performs detailed assessments across all state and federal jurisdictions, identifying which requirements apply to your facility and how they apply while providing guidance and insights.

Regulatory Surveillance

Regulatory surveillance is automated to keep you compliant by tracking, detecting, and notifying clients of changes to compliance requirements that apply to each of your facilities.

Additional Features

LighthouseAI Renewals

Gain highly detailed guidance, deadline reminders, and management capabilities with LighthouseAI Renewals to simplify your state licensing renewal process making applications faster and easier to process.

Selective Notifications

Get custom-tailored regulatory updates from LighthouseAI with Selective Notifications. No more sifting through the regulatory noise. We’ll update your team of new legislation, proposed rules, or requirement changes only if it applies to you specifically.

Streamlined Compliance With Automation

As regulations continue to evolve and become increasingly complex, automation is necessary. With LighthouseAI,
compliance research processes can be streamlined, reducing days of work down to just a few minutes.

Input Data

Enter product portfolio, operational, and location data and LighthouseAI builds a facility profile.

Requirement Research

Your facilities data is cross-referenced across regulatory requirements for all 52 states and jurisdictions.

Requirements Results

LighthouseAI provides accurate and detailed results for all regulatory requirements specific to your facility.

Continuous Surveillance

Regulatory surveillance runs 24/7 for new requirements or changes to pre-existing requirements.

Reduced Risk with Integrated Solutions

Intelligence + Management Together

LighthouseAI Intelligence and LighthouseAI Management work as integrated modules to protect your revenue from non-compliance. Once LighthouseAI Intelligence determines compliance requirements, utilize LighthouseAI Management to take action.

AI-Powered Knowledge + Surveillance

Automated solutions can provide a compliance knowledge base and maintain on-going
surveillance while protecting against an evolving regulatory landscape.

Revenue Protection

The combination of automated facility assessments and continuous regulatory surveillance protects against compliance gaps that disrupt operations.

Risk Mitigation

Identifying appropriate compliance requirements for your facilities to protect against non-compliance fines, penalties, and disciplinary actions.

Budget Reduction

Automation alleviates outsourced and internal compliance budgets by increasing internal knowledge and alleviating dependencies on niche vendors and 3rd parties.

Time Reduction

Automation alleviates high value assets from spending time on manual compliance research and creates more time for actionable deliverables.

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Track & Manage All Compliance Requirements.

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