State licensing, automated.


LighthouseAI Is Compliance Automation 

Amid escalating pharmaceutical supply chain regulations,
manufacturers, distributors, and 3PLs face mounting costs and non-compliance risks threatening revenue.

LighthouseAI™  leverages compliance automation to solve compliance challenges, while reducing your stress and workload.

Revenue Protection

Compliance is achieved in minutes, not days, resulting in the protection of your revenue stream from any adverse actions.

Automated Knowledge

Generate immediate compliance assessments for your facilities and erase hours of manual research to focus on actionable items.

Automated Surveillance

Receive instant regulatory updates and notifications regarding new and changing requirements and legislation relevant to your facilities.

Compliance Enablement

Organize your data on a single platform to achieve transparency with a bird’s eye view of your compliance activities.

What Are Customers Saying About LighthouseAI?

LighthouseAI is keeping our customers up to date with the latest rules, regulations, and legislation related to state and federal requirements.

Hear what our customers have to say.

I was very happy to find that a company had reimagined licensing and regulatory management with a more effective solution. The combination of the LighthouseAI technology and their expert research team ensure I never have to worry about my compliance.

Mike Leone | Chief Operating Officer

Resilia Pharmaceuticals

Medminder was excited to discover LighthouseAI at a pivotal moment when our business was expanding into new markets. The software has been integral to us for quickly becoming compliant in new pharmacy care spaces.

Erwin Enriquez | Senior Vice President


“We have enjoyed working and growing with LighthouseAI. The personalized support we received for our licensing needs was exceptional and truly set them apart.”

Amit Shah | COO and Board Member

Marius Pharmaceuticals


Helping Clients Automate Compliance Objectives

Companies Served

Facilities On-Boarded

Requirements Managed

Documents stored

How LighthouseAI Works

Watch this quick video teaser to see how LighthouseAI will help reduce your compliance workload and alleviate compliance stress.

Visit our Video section to learn more about LighthouseAI and see video demos of both LighthouseAI Intelligence and LighthouseAI Management.

LighthouseAI Suite

Approach to Compliance

LighthouseAI provides two integrated compliance modules for rapid research and efficient management: LighthouseAI Intelligence determines requirements, while Management assists in executing activities.

  • Mitigates risk from non-compliance
  • Reduces ever-increasing compliance costs
  • On average, delivers over a 600% ROI


LighthouseAI Intelligence

Rapid Compliance Intelligence

LighthouseAI Intelligence uses compliance automation to perform assessments across all state and federal jurisdictions, then automates regulatory surveillance by tracking, detecting, and notifying clients of changes to compliance requirements.

  • Significantly reduces compliance costs for existing or new facilities
  • Virtually eliminates the need for outside resources and assistance
  • Continual surveillance so that you’re  immediately alerted to any changes


LighthouseAI Management

Full Compliance Management

LighthouseAI Management is a centralized database that houses all compliance data, requirements, documents, and tasks. Increased organization of activities enables transparency and accountability.

  • Centralizes all compliance requirements, documents and tasks
  • Single source of truth for entire compliance portfolio
  • Simplifies all aspects of ongoing compliance management


ISO 27001 Certified

ISO 27001 is an internationally recognized standard that ensures organizations adhere to strict data security best practices. With this certification, LighthouseAI demonstrates an unyielding dedication to information security, data protection, and risk management.


Want to learn more about compliance automation? LighthouseAI’s compliance experts have written on a number of in-depth topics related to compliance and solving our challenges with compliance technology.

LighthouseAI offers a number of whitepapers on topics including:

  • How the Future of Compliance is Automated
  • Introducing AI and Automation Into your Compliance Workflow
  • The Total Cost of Compliance

Who We Serve

Drug Manufacturers

LighthouseAI can assist pharmaceutical drug manufacturers track and manage facility licensing, product registration, drug price transparency reporting, drug takeback, opioid taxes, 3PL license verifications and more.

Wholesale Drug Distributors

LighthouseAI can assist wholesale drug distributors track and manage facility licensing, renewals, legal and operational requirements, DSCSA and FDA Proposed Rule licensing changes, and more.

Third-Party Logistics Providers (3PL)

LighthouseAI can assist third-party logistics providers track and manage facility licensing, renewals, legal and operational requirements, DSCSA and FDA Proposed Rule licensing changes, and more.

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