Are you aware?

9 states have upcoming license renewals in June

Are you aware?

15 states have added 18 products to their controlled substances list since January 2024

Are you aware?

DEA had a requirement for Import Quotas that was due on April 1

Are you aware?
Are you aware?

In 2024, several states have passed drug takeback programs, new 340B requirements, and more

LighthouseAI™ Renewals

Gain highly detailed guidance, deadline reminders, and management capabilities with LighthouseAI Renewals to simplify your state licensing renewal process making applications faster and easier to process.

Easy Renewals with Automation and Guidance

Identify Your Renewals

With your facility configured in LighthouseAI, the Renewals feature will automatically identify all of your state license renewals across all 50 states including Washington D.C. and Puerto Rico.

Guidance and Insights

With your state licensing renewals identified, LighthouseAI will provide specific guidance on each state’s renewal application process including deadlines, requirements, costs, which forms to complete, and more. 

Renewal Notifications

Track the renewal dates of licenses and expiration dates of documents. Avoid lapses of compliance with 30, 60, and 90 day reminder notifications.


Activity & Task Management

Manage the activities and tasks needed to complete your renewals and assign them to team members creating accountability and transparency.

Document Repository

Securely upload and store important renewal documents, such as, contracts, inspection reports, license applications, surety bonds, and more.

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Centralize Compliance Data to One Platform.

Track & Manage All Compliance Requirements.

Store Important & Sensitive Documents Securely.

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