1856 Regulatory Changes By Regulatory Agencies Since January 1st, 2024

by | Mar 27, 2024

1856 Changes By Regulatory Agencies Since January 1st, 2024 

Regulatory agencies have been very active since the start of the year writing new rules, regulations, and legislation. Even if you are actively monitoring it all, it’s very easy to miss vital information while trying to keep up with State Boards of Pharmacy, FDA, and the DEA. 

Our internal research department is actively monitoring bills and regulations across all 52 state and federal jurisdictions and we’ve been able to identify at least 1856 changes, updates, and new regulations introduced since January 1st of 2024.  

Focus on Recent Regulatory Changes for Manufacturers 

Let’s take a look at a small sampling of what has recently passed just for pharmaceutical manufacturers. 

1. Maine passed a drug takeback program, with substantial expansion to the definition of manufacturers  

2. Alabama, Idaho, Iowa, Indiana, Florida, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, Wisconsin and Wyoming have together scheduled (added to or increased scheduling of) 50+ products on their state controlled substance lists  

3. South Carolina drastically changed their new and renewal licensing processes 

4. FDA is making waves on their “National Standards for the Licensure of Wholesale Drug Distributors and Third-Party Logistics Providers” per the DSCSA 

5. FDA is making progress on Animal Drug Regulations  

6. New Mexico, Nevada, Oregon, Virginia released news on their respective Drug Price Transparency requirements 

7. DEA has an upcoming deadline for Import Quotas 

8. Michigan created new PIC/Facility Manager requirements for manufacturers licensed in their state 

9. Virginia created new 340B requirements for manufacturers  

Reducing Regulatory Noise with Intelligent Monitoring 

If you don’t have the luxury of a dedicated compliance research team, LighthouseAI can assist you not only monitor all of these regulatory changes but also reduce the amount of noise and focus specifically on the rules, regulations, and legislation that affect you directly.  

The LighthouseAI software suite, backed by our extensive research team, offers regulatory monitoring that is custom-tailored to your business. Our software will take into account your business model, product portfolio, location, and more to send you Selective Notifications and monitor the regulatory changes that directly affect you.

This cuts down the regulatory noise and you receive only the most important notifications and updates directly to your inbox. 

Benefits of Intelligent Regulatory Monitoring 

Save your team hours of research, ensure that your company stays compliant, and reduce your risk of disciplinary actions, fines, penalties, or cease-and-desist actions that would disrupt your business operations and revenue.  

Learn more about our regulatory monitoring and selective notifications by scheduling a discovery call. 

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