Are you aware?

Puerto Rico DOH has recently suspended controlled substance applications

Are you aware?

15 states have added 18 products to their controlled substances list since January 2024

Are you aware?

DEA had a requirement for Import Quotas that was due on April 1

Are you aware?
Are you aware?

In 2024, several states have passed drug takeback programs, new 340B requirements, and more

LighthouseAI Release Notes – 02/29/2024

LighthouseAI is constantly striving to improve the user experience. To that end, we regularly provide updates to the user interface, functionality, and add new features to the platform.

Below, please find the latest updates to the LighthouseAI Intelligence and LighthouseAI Management modules on this February 29th, 2024 update.

User Guide Reminder

A quick reminder that LighthouseAI has a User Guide to help navigate all features and functionality within the LighthouseAI software platform.

To access, just log in and navigate to Help and then User Guide.

LighthouseAI Support

Please feel free to send questions about LighthouseAI to our support team at any time to

The February 29th, 2024 Updates

    LighthouseAI Intelligence

    New Feature: Citations Links

      • Access the actual state board of pharmacy or FDA guidance resource that cites the requirement regulation, legislation, or rule details for verification and clarification.
      • Simply click the link provided in LighthouseAI Intelligence under the Citations column of your knowledge results to access the regulatory agency’s original source information.

    New Functionality: Dynamic Intelligence Questionnaire

      • A shorter and smarter questionnaire that will show only the necessary questions depending on the answers previously provided for the facility to help users more easily obtain precise results.
      • Deleting a Configuration will also delete the Knowledge Results and free up one facility entitlement.
      • Users can run different Business Change types for one facility. On Configuration page under modify table, added new ‘Type’ column for Business Changes.
      • Removed United States Federal as an option in the Resident State dropdown of the Questionnaire.

    LighthouseAI Management

    New Functionality: Notifications

      • Document Notifications: When a new document is added or an existing document is updated to LighthouseAI, users will get a notification under Type ‘New’ in Document Notifications.


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