Thank You For Completing the Client Registration Process

Pharma Solutions USA, Inc., DBA LighthouseAI (“LighthouseAI”) wishes to confirm your registration in its customer purchase program (“Program”).  Using your registration number (your “contract number”), you may purchase LighthouseAI services through LighthouseAI or its authorized resellers upon meeting minimum purchase requirements.

You will be receiving a confirmation email within 24-48 hours with your registration number. Please reference this registration number for all Purchase Orders.

You may review Program terms here:

Registration for the Program does not obligate you to make a purchase. When you are ready to purchase, your submission of a purchase order under your contract number to LighthouseAI or an authorized LighthouseAI reseller constitutes your acceptance of the then current Program terms.

Should you authorize a finance company to submit an order on your behalf under your contract number, you agree that such submission will likewise constitute your acceptance of the then current Program terms. 

Ask LighthouseAI or an authorized reseller for minimum purchase requirements and a current list of the LighthouseAI services offerings which are available in your geography.

If you have any additional questions, please email us at

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