Automated Regulatory Updates with LighthouseAI

by | Jul 3, 2024

Automated Regulatory Updates with LighthouseAI 

LighthouseAI is changing the way licensing professionals track and monitor new and changing laws and regulatory requirements across all 50 states and additional jurisdictions including, Washington D.C., Puerto Rico, and Federal agencies like the DEA and FDA. 

New Rules, Regulations, and Laws Tracked Year to Date 

Year to date, our research team has reviewed over 2,000 new rules, regulations, and legislation introduced by state boards of pharmacy, the FDA, and DEA. 

From those new rules, regulations, and legislation, we have identified and are tracking over 700 that directly impact the state licensing requirements of companies within the pharmaceutical supply chain.  

Our research team and the LighthouseAI software provide ongoing updates on these new or changing requirements for higher compliance accuracy and faster compliance response times.     

Initial, Renewal, and Business Change Requirements 

In addition to keeping you up to date with new or changing requirements, LighthouseAI currently identifies 900 existing initial state and federal licensing requirements, 700 renewal requirements, and 5,000 reportable organizational change requirements and this number is growing daily. 

How the Information is Gathered 

Our research team of 6 dedicated state licensing experts, comprised of lawyers, former state board of pharmacy members, and Fortune 500 compliance leaders, closely monitor and track all regulatory changes through a variety of expert-led and technology-based methods. 

The team conducts daily research, subscribes to agency notifications across all 53 jurisdictions, and utilizes internal natural language processing (NLP) & AI-based tools to discover state licensing and other state requirements in the pharmaceutical supply chain.  

More specifically, our team and internal tools crawl the web and conduct research within state agency registries, the FDA and DEA registry, state and federal legislation, state agency guidance documents, agency FAQs, and direct communication with state agency representatives.  

After our research team analyzes all the above information, we revise the backend of LighthouseAI to reflect the regulatory changes. The software then automatically reprocesses each customer’s results with relevant changes. 

Immediate Regulatory Updates Tailored to Your Facility Activities and Products 

All of this information is generated and stored within the LighthouseAI state licensing software and provides users with immediate regulatory updates and notifications that are specifically tailored to your business activities and facility attributes.  

Relevant Information Only 

That means we monitor the most important information and notify you only if new regulations affect you directly, and we filter out all of the other noise, saving you and your team valuable time and money typically spent researching requirements. 

Better Regulatory Knowledge Becomes Better Risk Protection 

Your company is positioned to protect itself from non-compliance with the LighthouseAI state licensing software by helping you identify overlooked state licensing requirements and help you reduce avoidable deficiencies. 

Learn More 

Learn more about the LighthouseAI state licensing software and how it will keep you up to date with the latest state and federal regulatory updates. Contact us.   

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