2023 Letter from the CEO

by | Dec 7, 2023

      Written by: Sumeet Singh | Founder & CEO



Hello Everyone,

It’s been an incredibly successful, and sometimes challenging, year at LighthouseAI and Pharma Solutions, and I’m so proud of what we have accomplished. I wanted to take the time to cover some of our highlights this year and tell you about what I’m excited about in the next year!

1. Explosive Growth for Our Category-Defining Product: Our flagship product has been a game-changer for compliance departments in the drug supply chain. Already trusted by several Fortune 500 manufacturers and dozens of other Pharma Solutions clients, it is powered by an Expert System trained by our world-class Intelligence R&D team, led by Research Director, Kelly Dibattista, Esq.

The core product leverages the same AI technology as existing software products like TurboTax, ensuring unparalleled compliance result accuracy. We are killing the idea that 50-state assessments must be static and expensive, empowering clients to reduce risk and cost like never before.

2. Funding Success: Our oversubscribed, $4.6 million, seed funding round from institutional investors was led by Healthy Ventures. The funding provides us with the resources to keep growing our reach and capabilities and innovating on the status quo.

3. Getting Things Done: This year, our team has scaled past 50 employees, and I am proud to see how we have grown past the 10 employees we had just two years prior. Our team has transformed into a more sophisticated, collaborative, and tightly-knit unit as we hold to the values to which I attribute our growth – key among them being internal respect and vulnerability.

A big shoutout to Nathan Fox, Chief of Staff, for his invigorating inspiration, and to Laura Bull for ensuring I’m always performing at my best. Kudos to our CTO, Rick Braddy, and VP of Product Management, Adam Marano, for their work on our efficient and scalable product; and to Maria Pennings, VP of Professional Services, who has led our services division to new heights, earning us satisfied customers and impressive growth.

Looking Forward: As we celebrate our success this year, we’re also looking ahead with excitement.

1. Growth: Our new Sales and Marketing leadership is poised to achieve great things in the coming year, with key team members including Arlyn Maldonado, VP of Revenue, Jessica Dunkin, VP of National Accounts, and Ryan Hall, Marketing Director.

2. Product Development: Leveraging some of the capital from our seed round, we are poised to continue building the future of the compliance journey. We are currently building highly anticipated automation and analytical capabilities for our customers to leverage our ever-growing compliance data, balancing our vision for the future with immediate customer needs.

I want to express my heartfelt appreciation to our clients, the LighthouseAI and Pharma Solutions teams, investors, advisors and the rest of our network who have together made this year a success. I’m confident that, together, we’ll redefine the status quo and create an innovative future. Thank you for your incredible efforts.


Sumeet Singh

CEO, LighthouseAI


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