Susana Braga


As a Nationally Certified Pharmacy Technician and paralegal I have worked in retail and corporate pharmacy for over 25 years, learning what it takes to run a pharmacy and stay in compliance, from the inside out.  For 14 years I worked a large company, who focused on manufacturing, wholesaling, and mail order pharmacy, being the SME for all things pharmacy.  I managed 14 mail order pharmacies across the county with a large team of pharmacists, technicians, and support staff.  To ensure I continued to support the team and business, I also managed the regulatory team where we researched and analyzed pharmacy regulations daily to ensure compliance in day-to-day operations, considering changes in practice and state or federal regulations.  I understand how regulated the practice is around pharmaceutical drugs and devices, and how it can differ from one state to another, keeping things interesting.  I bring a strong regulatory background with a focus on pharmacy, but also many years of experience in manufacturing and wholesaling.             

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