Sumeet Singh


Sumeet will be speaking at the 2024 Asembia Conference in Las Vegas from April 28th – May 2nd. Sumeet Singh is the CEO of LighthouseAI, a leading innovator in developing AI solutions to automate compliance in the life sciences and pharmacy sectors. LighthouseAI has rolled out pioneering AI solutions that excel not just in regulatory compliance but also in honing operational efficiency, making a marked difference in the pharmaceutical landscape.

Sumeet has enjoyed strategic and successful exits for two pharmaceutical services startups. As a recognized thought leader in pharmaceutical supply chain compliance, Sumeet remains an active voice in the industry, having shared his expertise at premier conferences, including PBOA, ACI, and NASCA. His insights also find their way into prestigious industry publications, with features in Pharmaceutical Commerce and Pharmacy Times.

Guided by a mission to seamlessly meld technology with healthcare, Sumeet ardently pursues the goal of aligning AI potential with regulatory imperatives, ensuring the industry stays both cutting-edge and compliant.

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