Case Study

Automated Regulatory Monitoring with LighthouseAI:

A Case Study with Sigma Pharmaceuticals


Sigma Pharmaceuticals is a wholesale distributor that has been in business for over 35 years providing
ophthalmic products and supplies to their clients. Their team found the increasing regulation across all 50 states and federal jurisdictions became too difficult to stay up to date with and worried missing requirements would make them non-compliant.

The Solution:

Sigma Pharmaceuticals was onboarded to the LighthouseAI Intelligence platform to ensure that they identified all of their existing requirements, closed any compliance gaps, and utilized the automated regulatory monitoring in the software to stay ahead of new or changing requirements. Now Sigma doesn’t have to worry about the risks of noncompliance. With tailored regulatory updates specific to their business, Sigma is notified when a new requirement is introduced or if an existing requirement is changed. The near real-time updates allow Sigma to stay ahead of regulatory changes and act quickly.

At A Glance


How to track and monitor all
new or changing state and
federal requirements across
the country


Reduced risk of noncompliance with automated regulatory monitoring
Revenue stream and
business operations remain
uninterrupted and protected
Increased response times to
compliance changes

Before using LighthouseAI, I found it challenging, and at times overwhelming, to keep up with all of the regulatory changes across the country. LighthouseAI keeps me up to date effortlessly, has reduced my research time, and now I feel more confident in our compliance.

Nichole Moreau, J.D.


The Benefits

  • Reduced Risk of Non-compliance: Automated regulatory monitoring keeps Sigma up to
    date with new or changing requirements.
  • Uninterrupted Business & Revenue: With compliance gaps closed, revenue and business
    operations are protected from regulatory interruptions.
  • Increased Response Times to Changes: LighthouseAI regulatory monitoring keeps Medminder up to date across all 50 states and federal jurisdictions with notifications of new or changing requirements.




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