Are you aware?

9 states have upcoming license renewals in June

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15 states have added 18 products to their controlled substances list since January 2024

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DEA had a requirement for Import Quotas that was due on April 1

Are you aware?
Are you aware?

In 2024, several states have passed drug takeback programs, new 340B requirements, and more

LighthouseAI Release Notes – 05/30/2024

LighthouseAI is constantly striving to improve the user experience. To that end, we regularly provide updates to the user interface, functionality, and add new features to the platform.

Below, please find the latest updates to the LighthouseAI Intelligence and LighthouseAI Management modules on this May 30th, 2024 update.

User Guide Reminder

A quick reminder that LighthouseAI has a User Guide to help navigate all features and functionality within the LighthouseAI software platform.

To access, just log in and navigate to Help and then User Guide.

LighthouseAI Support

Please feel free to send questions about LighthouseAI to our support team at any time to

The May 30th, 2024 Updates



New Feature: Tasks

    • We are bringing back the classic Tasks grid page to LighthouseAI!
    • Tasks: We are reintegrating the Tasks grid to LighthouseAI! Users can now click on the Tasks icon located below Management in the left navigation bar to access the previous Tasks grid from the old UI. This classic feature allows users to work with data related to Tasks associated with specific Activities and Requirement.

    Fixed Issues

      • Fixed an issue where the Renewal Notification (Interval) field was displayed when a new Requirement was added without selecting a Formal Requirement from the dropdown.
      • Fixed an issue where the Activity owner search bar in the Activities page missed certain queries or failed to generate any relevant results.
      • Fixed an issue where the Activity owner was showing a blank entry.
      • Fixed an issue where duplicate License Certificates were shown in the Documents module. 

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