LighthouseAI Release Notes – 04/03/2024

LighthouseAI is constantly striving to improve the user experience. To that end, we regularly provide updates to the user interface, functionality, and add new features to the platform.

Below, please find the latest updates to the LighthouseAI Intelligence and LighthouseAI Management modules on this April 3rd, 2024 update.

User Guide Reminder

A quick reminder that LighthouseAI has a User Guide to help navigate all features and functionality within the LighthouseAI software platform.

To access, just log in and navigate to Help and then User Guide.

LighthouseAI Support

Please feel free to send questions about LighthouseAI to our support team at any time to

The April 3rd, 2024 Updates


LighthouseAI Management

New Feature: Reports Module

    • Requirements Gap Analysis: Identify any missing requirements that put you at risk with regulatory agencies. LighthouseAI will identify your regulatory requirements across all 52 state and federal jurisdictions and match them with your existing requirements. If any missing requirements place you in non-compliance, this report will let you know. Please note: You must be subscribed to both the LighthouseAI Intelligence and Management modules to access this report. 
    • Renewal Fee Report: The Renewal Fee report will provide an annual forecasting estimate for the amount your licensing renewals will cost in a given year. With all of your licenses stored in LighthouseAI, our database will tally up the fees for each licensing into an organized report for easy sharing. 
    • Requirement Expiration Report: The Requirement Expiration report allows you to identify and map out upcoming expiring licenses, requirements, and documents for all of your facilities. Forecast and prepare for upcoming requirement planning, team workloads, and strategy. Keep your team organized and prepared for upcoming regulatory maintenance and upkeep. 
    • Facility Overview: The Facility Overview report collects all of the information typically needed to complete applications for regulatory agencies. Information for your designated representatives or officers, company tax id, square footage of your facility, and much more. Export this information to a .CSV or easily copy and paste it into your online applications. 

New Feature: Related Requirements

    • Related Requirements allows users to relate requirements to each other in the Requirements Hub so that they can quickly view the relationships (if any) between their state and federal requirements. 

LighthouseAI Intelligence

New Functionality: Potential Requirements

    • Potential Requirements have been added as a new category for your LighthouseAI Intelligence Knowledge Results. These new potential requirements provide additional insight and guidance for requirements that you may be responsible for if your product is shipped or distributed in a jurisdiction in which you are not currently licensed.

Fixed Issues

    • Fixed an issue where creating a new requirement was auto-selecting the Formal Requirement Name. 
    • Fixed issue where users were getting internal server error on adding multiple vendors and owners to the Company Profile 
    • Fixed issue where on occasion Requirements Management links to Intelligence data was not working as expected. 

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