Launch of LighthouseAI™,  an AI-Based Venture Unit to Solve Commercial Regulatory Compliance for the Life Sciences Industry

To read our press release, please click on the link below.

About Pharma Solutions

Since its inception, Pharma Solutions has assisted over 600 companies in responding to the ever-fluctuating patchwork of state and federal compliance requirements. We offer a wide range of strategy, consulting, and technology-based solutions for the pharmaceutical supply chain industry. Our clients range from international drug manufacturers with $10 billion+ in annual revenue to family-owned pharmacies. For more information about Pharma Solutions, please visit: or email us at

About LighthouseAI

LighthouseAI markets a single-source SaaS solution called LighthouseAI that applies AI to automate and technologically-enable compliance for the life sciences supply chain to reduce costs and risk. For more information, please email us at

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