Regulatory Citations

Citations for the requirements that apply to you. Whether it’s issued from a state board of pharmacy or the FDA. LighthouseAI links you directly to the source of the appropriate regulatory agency to review the official documentation related to your requirement for further insights.

Reduce Research Time and Frustration

Cut down the time spent researching regulatory requirements. LighthouseAI Citations links you directly to the requirement details issued by state and federal agencies, taking you directly to the source.

Reduce wasted time and frustration scouring regulatory agency websites for the details of specific regulatory requirements with LighthouseAI Citations.

Improved Understanding of Your Requirements

Gain added depth and clarification into your state and federal requirements. LighthouseAI’s Citations feature links you directly to the official documentation issued by regulatory agencies.

With easy access to official documentation, you spend less time researching, and more time becoming knowledgeable about your specific requirements.

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