Case Study

Continuous Regulatory Protection with LighthouseAI:

A Case Study with Resilia Pharmaceuticals


Resilia Pharmaceuticals is a specialty pharmaceutical company and virtual manufacturer that distributes its specialty products across the country and came to LighthouseAI to reduce its compliance risk by ensuring proper state licensing, renewal management, and assistance with monitoring regulatory changes.

The Solution:

Resilia was onboarded to the Lighthouse Intelligence regulatory platform which accurately and quickly identified existing compliance gaps and greatly reduced any risk of noncompliance, protecting their business. All existing licenses are now effectively managed on the LighthouseAI Management platform, providing renewal reminders and insights so deadlines are never missed. Resilia is also now protected against new or changing regulatory requirements with Compliance Change
Monitoring which provides tailored notifications and
guidance, backed by our research team and
LighthouseAI’s 24/7 technology-based surveillance.

At A Glance


Identifying compliance risk
State licensing and renewal
Monitoring for new or
changing requirements


Reduced compliance risk
with LighthouseAI assessments
Efficient licensing management with
LighthouseAI Management
Tailored regulatory
monitoring backed by
research team and tech
Resilia Case Study
I was very happy to find that a company had reimagined licensing and regulatory management with a more effective solution. The combination of the LighthouseAI technology and their expert research team ensure I never have to worry about my compliance.
Mike Leone

Chief Operating Officer

The Benefits

  • Reduced Risk of Non-compliance: LighthouseAI accurately discovers existing licensing and compliance gaps to fully protect it’s clients.
  • Ease of License Management: LighthouseAI Management provides a platform to
    effectively manage and monitor all of licensing activity.
  • New or Changing Requirement Monitoring: Clients are kept up to date across all 50 states and federal jurisdictions with regulatory surveillance provided by LighthouseAI’s Compliance Change Monitoring.




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