Using AI to

Protect Your


LighthouseAI Is Compliance Automation 

LighthouseAI™ is an AI-powered SaaS solution designed to automate compliance processes,
 safeguard your revenue, mitigate risks, and minimize costs.

Revenue Protection

Compliance is achieved in minutes, not days, resulting in the protection of your revenue stream from any adverse actions.

Automated Knowledge

Generate immediate compliance assessments for your facilities and erase hours of manual research to focus on actionable items.

Automated Surveillance

Receive instant regulatory updates and notifications regarding new and changing requirements and legislation relevant to your facilities.

Compliance Enablement

Organize your data on a single platform to achieve transparency with a bird’s eye view of your compliance activities.

How LighthouseAI Works

LighthouseAI Suite

Revolutionary AI
Approach to Compliance

LighthouseAI provides two integrated compliance modules
for rapid research and efficient management. LighthouseAI
Intelligence determines requirements, while Management
assists in executing activities.

  • Mitigate Compliance & Commercial Risk
  • Protect Revenue, Reduce Cost, Save Time
  • Deterministic AI that Replaces Manual Processes

LighthouseAI Intelligence

Rapid Compliance Intelligence

LighthouseAI Intelligence uses AI to perform assessments across all state and federal jurisdictions, then automates regulatory surveillance by tracking, detecting, and notifying clients of changes to compliance requirements that apply to each of your facilities.

  • Instant Initial and Gap-Analysis Assessments
  • Keep Up with the Dynamic Regulatory Landscape
  • Flexible Solution Accommodates Your Evolving Business

LighthouseAI Management

Efficient Activity Management

LighthouseAI Management is a centralized database that houses all compliance data, requirements, documents, and tasks. Increased organization of activities enables transparency and accountability.

  • Transparency Into All Activities for Regulatory Adherence
  • Single Source of Truth for Entire Compliance Portfolio
  • Reduce Risk of Financial Penalties & Disciplinary Actions

Download The Whitepaper

The Future of Compliance Is Automated

Compliance solutions that embrace automation are critical to protecting revenue, mitigating risk, and reducing costs.

LighthouseAI™ leverages artificial intelligence to automate compliance research and regulatory surveillance while providing a means to track and manage state and federal requirements.

In this whitepaper, you’ll learn how automation changes everything you know about compliance today, including:

  • Emerging technologies and their application to compliance 
  • What is RegTech? What role RegTech plays in compliance 
  • How compliance automation is the best path forward 
  • How LighthouseAI delivers on compliance automation

A Look At LighthouseAI

Intelligence Knowledge

Intelligence Surveillance

Management Enablement

Who We Serve

Drug Manufacturers

LighthouseAI can assist pharmaceutical drug manufacturers track and manage facility licensing, product registration, drug price transparency reporting, drug takeback, opioid taxes, 3PL license verifications and more.

Wholesale Drug Distributors

LighthouseAI can assist wholesale drug distributors track and manage facility licensing, renewals, legal and operational requirements, DSCSA and FDA Proposed Rule licensing changes, and more.

Third-Party Logistics Providers (3PL)

LighthouseAI can assist third-party logistics providers track and manage facility licensing, renewals, legal and operational requirements, DSCSA and FDA Proposed Rule licensing changes, and more.

See LighthouseAI In Action

Let us show you how leveraging AI will elevate your compliance.
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  • Protect Revenue, Reduce Risks and Costs Associated with Compliance
  • Automate Your Compliance Research.
  • Run Instant Compliance Assessments.
  • Receive Automated Regulatory Notifications.
  • Centralize Compliance Data to One Platform.
  • Track & Manage All Compliance Requirements.
  • Store Important & Sensitive Documents Securely.

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