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State And Federal Regulatory Compliance Made Easy

LighthouseAI® is regulatory intelligence software that identifies 99.99% of state and federal regulatory requirements that pharmaceutical companies must comply with across all 52 state and federal jurisdictions.

LighthouseAI® also runs 24/7 regulatory monitoring and notifies you of new or changing regulatory requirements.

Drastically Improved Compliance

The typical manufacturer is non-compliant with 33% of regulatory requirements, risking revenue loss and operational disruptions

Close compliance gaps and identify 99.99% of your state and federal regulatory requirements, keeping you compliant 

With 24/7 automated regulatory monitoring, you’ll remain compliant with notifications of new or changing requirements

Stress Free Compliance Management

LighthouseAI® is a first-of-it’s-kind regulatory software for the pharmaceutical supply chain. 

The software suite includes two regulatory modules including LighthouseAI Intelligence®, which leverages artificial intelligence to automate your compliance research, and LighthouseAI Management® for efficient requirements management. 

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Remove the Risk of Non-Compliance

Identify All Requirements

LighthouseAI Intelligence is a robust regulatory software that not only identifies 99.99% of your state and federal regulatory requirements but maintains 24/7 ongoing regulatory monitoring. 

Close any existing compliance gaps, alleviating your risk of non-compliance and revenue loss. LighthouseAI Intelligence will also keep you compliant by automatically notifying you of any new or changing regulatory requirements.

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Manage All Requirements

LighthouseAI Management is an efficient regulatory data platform that helps you maintain compliance through the tracking and management of your facility’s requirements including licenses, renewals, change notifications, reporting, and more. 

Manage the activities and tasks related to completing your requirements, receive renewal date and deadline reminders, and securely store regulatory documents. 

Improved Regulatory Protection


Identify 99.99% of your state and federal compliance requirements


Reduce the risk of non-compliance and save thousands in potential penalties


Capture 15% more compliance requirements


Reduce manual
research by 80%


Improve the accuracy of your compliance requirements by 20%


Centralizes all compliance requirements, documents and tasks

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